Pressure Drums

The Press Schiacciafusti reduces the volume of the 200 litres standard drums obtaining bales with a height from 100 to 300 mm., that facilitates the transport, the storage, the disposal or the eventual recovery of such materials. Our Press can also be used for packaging waste such as cardboard and plastic, this need must be defined in the order.


Maximum compaction force 20 t 
Rolling plan dimensions (bale) 700 x 700 mm.
Flat panel maximum stroke 1000 mm.
Height compacted bale from 100 to 300 mm.
Overall dimensions 
Width x Depth x Height 1000 x 1200 x 3000 mm.
Automated bale unloader  
Compaction with hydraulic cylinder  
Electric drives  
Power 2,2KW 380V  
Manual compaction cycle  
Handled by truck or pullet truck  

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