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Pini srl presses and waste compactors

Welcome on the virtual showcase of our Company.

Do you have a Company or a business? Are waste and packaging bulky? Are you tired to pay so many waste charges?

Here you are the solution for you.

Our mission is to facilitate the recycling of waste and packaging in a simple and cost-effective way, making the raw material reusable instead of lose it, dispose it or burn it in an incinerator.

Demonstrating to your Municipality the recycling of your production residues, you can obtain reduction in your waste charges.

For this reason we offer you a range of vertical machines that make a wide variety of materials sustainable, for example cardboard and plastic.
The vertical machines are manufactured by our own company, completely MADE IN ITALY.


 Why do you have to buy a vertical machine?


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Did you know that, recycling 1000 Kg of paper, 17 trees are safe, 3 cubic meters of inert materials are eliminated and the 75% less of pollution is produced?

Why do you have to buy a vertical machine?