Manual press PM1

The bailing manual machine reduces the volume of bulk compactable materials (cardboard, plastic, pelts, rags, and so on), obtaining bales or compact clasters that facilitate the further transport, storage, disposal or eventually the recovery of such materials.

The PM1 machine that has zero environmental impact, doesn’t consume and use any energy source with the exception of the human one.
It can be used by everyone thank to its easy use.
Its small size and its rear wheels allow the press to be positioned in any environment.
It is the best practical and economic solution in order to reorder locations for waste collection 

as: plastic, cardboard, branches and so on.
It fits for all:  from little communities like multi-unit buildings, hospitals, schools, banks, businesses and offices, to companies and shopping centers.
The bales producted allow a rapid and ordered un stackability.



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Dimensioni piano mobile (balla) 400 x 300 mm.
Corsa massima piatto 300 mm.
Altezza balla compattata 550 millimetri.
Dimensioni principali di ingombro 
Larghezza x Profondità x Altezza 500 x 800 x 1200 millimetri
Peso attrezzatura  kg.60
Legatura manuale  
Compattazione nanuale  
Scarico balla manuale  
Movimentabile tramite ruote posteriori opzionali  


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